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Rolling Cinema Services has more than 15 years of experience in the domain of professional cinema installation. Our company is fully capable of providing full turnkey solutions related to the complete implementation from A to Z in the installation of professional Cinema. With experience and direct collaborations with some of the pioneers cinema manufacturers (see Products Pages), Rolling Cinema Services guarantees a result which will leave you coming back for more. Our Company can complete new installations from the design stage to final installation and implementation. Long term experience in 35mm and Digital Cinema will guarantee a result which will keep both you and your clients happy.

Cinema Sound is one of the core services our company offers. Rolling Cinema Services can design provide and install complete sound system solutions for all types of cinemas ranging from small to ultra large auditoriums. With the introduction of 3D sound, Rolling Cinema Services can design and install Dolbys’ ATMOS solution and provide certification. Fully immerse yourselves in the ultimate sound experience!
Requirement for rental of 35mm or Digital Cinema solutions for festivals is becoming more common. Our company can offer complete technical solutions to offer undiminished quality in both digital and 35mm projection. Quality Control of exhibition material for each festival is carried out by our team to ensure a problem free projection throughout the festivals. Contact us for more information.

Our company prides of being always at the side of the client. With direct support and immediate after sales services, our clients have always praised the speed and result of the services in resolving issues directly or remotely ensuring for our clients an “On Screen On Time” motto. 24/7 telephone support proves to the client that even at the most demanding problems we are next to them for resolving it in the speediest manner. For maintenance agreements contact us at our¬†email.

We can provide for any client conversion of advertisements or movies to DCP (Digital Cinema Package). With collaboration with our sister company FullMoon Productions, we can provide post production services for colour correction and more.

In addition to professional Cinema systems, our company can fully design, implement and install complete commercial audio video systems. Conference Rooms, Multipurporse Centers, Mall P.A and Evacuation systems and any professional Audio/Video solution can be provided.

Our long experience in the domain of Professional Cinema has offered us the capability to be able to design luxurious custom Home Theater Systems. Give us a room and we will give you a cinema for your home unlike anythin.